Anthropology Enrichment For Summer Programs

Summer is an important time for youth to take a break from school, make new friends and learn new skills. Our summer anthropology classes are perfectly crafted for programs that look to keep kids learning while still having fun and building relationships.

We know that summer enrichment needs to be designed differently than classes that operate during the school year. That’s why we offer special summer courses that prove to be very popular year after year. We provide enrichment for non profits, charter schools, independent schools, camps and other school programs. Our sessions are designed using progressive, democratic principles.

Anthropology Class Structure:

1. Community Circle: Youth are introduced to a folk tale, artifact or cultural practice through books, objects and colorful photos. Educators spend a few minuets probing youth to share what they notice, make predictions and ask questions

2. Project Time: Youth are presented with a project that relates to the topic introduced in circle. They are given a variety of materials to explore and create in a way that is driven by their interests. We emphasize process over product and encourage youth to ask questions and create their own designs.

3. Debrief & Share Out: After a collaborative clean up, we gather back in community circle. Youth have the option to share their work, make joint presentations with their friends or just share something they enjoyed about the day's session. The educator closes by asking a few debrief questions to check for understanding, seal the practice and further build community within the group.

Interested in bringing Anthropology to your summer program?

Contact us via email: customize our courses to fit into your existing schedule. You can put us on the schedule for one or five days per week. We can arrange for sessions to be 60 or 90 minutes. Our seasoned educators are summer experts who implement our high quality content. All of our classes are differentiated for grades K-8.

 We offer free demo classes for new program partners. Sign up here for a free class.

Special Summer Courses

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In this unit, youth learn about folk tales from all over the world including Cambodia, China, The Navajo Nation and New Zealand. After each read aloud, youth will work on an arts based project and share out their ideas.



This collection of workshops is equally as important for our young boys as it is our young ladies. Each session will present a story of a powerful woman in history and encourage deep discussion. Project work will allow youth to explore their creativity and share their ideas.



In this course, youth explore the rich design history of the Middle East. We start with art and stories from Ancient Mesopotamia, weave our way to Persian folk tales and explore Islamic geometric designs. A great course to help fight Islamophobia through history and art!