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Mindset Shift Training For Staff of All Government Agencies

Professional Development Training that changes the way your team works and thinks. From Line staff to Directors. We offer:

Foundational Series: The Transition To Manager Delegating Tasks & Duties Giving & Receiving Feedback Customer Service

Custom Curriculum Design: You know your team’s gaps, let us create a customized curriculum plan that will target their issues and make change.

We Offer A Full Menu of Classes- Try us on a Micro or Small Purchase to see our style in action.

Our team is available for Organizational Culture Consulting projects


Call or Email Taylor To Bring Our Game Changing Training To Your Agency: (646)-343-9888

Youth Development & Education Focus

We are experts on Youth Development and Out-of-School-Time Learning. We offer a full catalog of training for Youth Focused Workers and Teachers.

Strength Based Behavior Management Implementing Restorative Practices Emotional Intelligence In The Classroom + After School Promoting Gender Equality Easy After School/Summer Games Programatic Community Building

“Trainings led by Voices Advance are not just exceptional but essential! I know the information we all learned will show results in the agency’s organizational culture and bring growth to all the staff members who took these workshops”



Consulting Services

We have deep experience designing, launching and evaluating high quality programs for Non-Profits and City Agencies. Our areas of expertise include:

After School & Summer Program Design & Capacity Building
Career Exploration and Mentoring Program Design Curriculum Development, Writing & Consulting Strength Based Positive and Restorative Practices

Content Expertise

Humanities and Social Studies Enrichment Programs Social Emotional Learning Post-Secondary Readiness & Career Exploration Entrepreneurship Mentoring

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What sets us apart from other consultants that specialize in training and consulting?

We have robust experience as teachers, youth workers and museum educators. This gives us a deep understanding of teaching, learning and curriculum development. Our facilitators are highly engaging and even fun.

We deeply understand the principles of Adult Learning Theory and participatory workshop development. We excel at using our talents and charisma as educators to train adults through experiential activities, research backed content and carefully designed modules.

We understand how to adjust our content and style to the profile of participants we are serving. We have experience designing and facilitating workshops for City Agencies, Non-Profit Organizations, Corporate Clients, Museums and School Professionals. We are skilled at differentiating our content for both new and seasoned staff.

Our clients say they like working with us because we are direct, straight to the point and easy to work with. We collect data on all of the workshops we facilitate and receive exceptional feedback from participants across the board.